Who we are?

The story itself began years ago upon a family trip to the region of Ismayilli. Charming nature of this region had given us a dream, a dream of founding our very own orchards. Followingly, exchange of ideas was made with our friends which led to our final decision of founding cropping gardens in Ismayilli. 

Great accomplishments are closely related to decisions made on spot with fair timing. So did we settle and start on first visit. Watching the years left behind in a blink of an eye, we as well did not fall behind from the pace of time

We did not only limit our fields of production to apple, pear, nectarine, plum, cherry and hazelnut, yet we extended our spheres of production to cover sapling and grain breeding.

In a short period of time, equipped with newest technological innovations, we overcame challenging installation works such as drop-watering systems, design and founding of new agricultural fields. Currently, our goal set for the year of 2022 is to make appearance of our brand represented by the label of “Made in Azerbaijan” on the shelves outside the borders of the state

Our wishes to sharing our further goals.